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Day 4

17 August - Boston

IMG_2509.jpgIMG_2517.jpgIMG_2532.jpgIMG_2534.jpgIMG_2537.jpgAfter eating breakfast at the hotel we walked to the nearby light rail station called Kenmore. Using the ticket machines we managed to purchase return tickets to take us downtown. The track was underground and it was very warm down there. It was a short ride in a vehicle similar to two of our trams joined together.

We alighted at the required stop (Haymarket) and walked towards the wharf district through an old part of town full of Italian restaurants and shops. We detoured past a statue of Paul Revere and then a very old church then looped back to Haymarket station and walked in the other direction down ancient cobble-stones streets into The Bell In Hand, billed as the oldest tavern in the USA. We had a meal there seated by an open window which provided a welcome breeze on what was again a very warm day.

After lunch we continued to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market where we browsed a variety of stores and stalls in a market like setting. We walked back to Government Centre light rail stop. As we arrived a "tram" pulled in and whilst it was crowded we managed to squeeze in and find a pole to hold on to for the short trip back.

After but a momentary pause, Lance & I left the ladies behind at the hotel and walked the short distance to Fenway Park for a guided tour of the Boston Red Sox home ground. There were lots of fact and figures about the stadium and its rich history. It's the oldest stadium in use in major league baseball in the USA dating back to the early 1900s. It holds about 37,000 fans at capacity and rivals Etihad Stadium in Melbourne for viewing the action close up.

It was being set up for a Billy Joel concert tomorrow night. Unfortunately we leave for Montreal in the morning. Damn. The tour lasted almost an hour and included sitting in the oldest seats in use fro USA baseball, they date back to the 1930s. We visited a seating area perched on a wall in the home run area called the green monster. In interesting name but the view is fabulous and with their dynamic pricing policy, premium games can cost up to US$500 for a block buster game. The tour took us past a vegetable garden on the roof of one area that grows organic ingredients for salads and other meals.

Lance and I estimate we walked over 10 kilometres over the course of the day and returned to the hotel to freshen up before dinner. We didn't have the energy to go out so we ate in the restaurant downstairs. Feeling weary now. An early night beckons.

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Day 3


We ate breakfast at our hotel. We marveled at the memory of our waitress who despite looking after the whole café solo, she somehow remembered all four orders from our table exactly as placed.

After breakfast we walked to our local stop for the hop on hop off bus near Fenway Park and boarded within a few minutes. It was mid 20s, not quite as hot as yesterday but humidity remained high and increased further as the day went but. The bus company run a 15 minute service. Impressive. We stayed on board for one stop shy of a full lap and alighted at a mall complex surrounding parkland with adjacent hotels and office towers.

We had a light lunch then purchased tickets to ride to the adjacent Prudential Tower lookout which is 50 stories above Boston. With 360 degree uninterrupted views and commentary explaining what we were looking at in each direction, we spent around 45 minutes taking a bunch of photos and taking it all in. We could see the airport and watched planes going in to land in one direction, and on the other side we could clearly see our hotel and Fenway Park nearby.

After returning to ground level and a coffee at Starbucks, we re-boarded the hop on hop off service for the last leg back to the stop near our hotel. On the way we called in at the Boston Redsox merchandise store on our way back to the hotel.

Late afternoon we had a quiet wine in the bar downstairs and later headed over the road to the Italian Restaurant. A pleasant end to a busy day.

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Day 2

August 15, New York to Boston

IMG_2407.jpgIMG_2413.jpgIMG_2421.jpgWe slept well and had breakfast at the hotel ahead of our 9am pick up arranged last night. We booked a car to take us to Penn Station to catch our train to Boston. It was touch and go as to whether we would fit our luggage and ourselves in the town car that turned up. We told them a mini van would be best but hey, what do we know? The car journey took an hour but mercifully we had an agreed cost up front and were not subject to a metered situation.

Our train was around 15 minutes late but that's still a lot better than the flight yesterday. It stopped maybe 10 times during our 4.5 hour journey to Boston. Travelling through New York State, Connecticut & Massachusetts.We booked Business class seats as the additional cost was not great. As a result we had a relatively empty carriage (car) and plenty of space. The scenery was a mix of green, overgrown forests, parklands and waterways, and with hundreds of enthusiastic boat owners. We bought lunch at the café car on the train and ate it at our seats.

We waited at the Back Bay station in Boston for a maxi cab but mercifully the wait was fairly short. It was around 30 Celsius and rather humid. The taxi ride took us around 2km to our hotel and was inexpensive. We chilled for a while after checking in then ventured out to explore the surrounding area. We located a restaurant for dinner tonight and a place to return to for shopping tomorrow. We had a nice White Zinfandel with our meals then returned to the hotel a bit after 8.

Today's photos were opportunistically gleaned as the train sped along towards Boston. Any fuzziness is not intentional.

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Day 1

14 August - Melbourne to New York

Long Day. Up at 4.30am. At airport in plenty of time, only to learn of a flight delay. QF93 eventually left at 11 am, almost 2 hours late. Our itinerary had a 1 hour 45 minute transition in Los Angeles. This was really tight even if we had left on time. A few hours into the flight we received confirmation that Qantas were holding QF11 (the connecting flight from LA to New York) for us. Phew! There were over 50 persons all doing the same as us. I expect it was easier to make that flight wait than re-booking a lot of angry travelers.

Both flights were smooth although QF11 did a big detour up over Toronto on the way to New York to avoid some bad weather. We were advised it could be bumpy going down but it was not bad at all. We had a A 380 to LA and a 747 on to New York. We paid extra for exit rows on both flights and it was worth it. We got a few hours sleep along the way. Enough to get by.

We touched down at JFK just after 6pm. We waited on two occasions on the tarmac for some traffic to clear before we finally got to our gate. Then we had the obligatory delay waiting for checked luggage. Outside in New York it was warm and steamy. Low 30s with high humidity. We took the free sky-rail as instructed by our hotel and met up with shuttle bus at stop , Federal Circle. At JFK this is where all hotel shuttles will pick you up and drop you off.

The Hilton Garden Inn JFK is only a few kilometres from the airport but was comfortable and clean. We had a light meal at the hotel around 8.15pm and retired for the night.

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